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Marketing on Facebook professional, a must for all real estate brokers. is happy to offer all its clients the opportunity to download and automatically update all their listings on the professional page of Facebook a first in the industry!
The cost is $10/month or $100/year.  To take advantage of this offer, just follow the procedure explained below.  All it takes is two minutes and your done.
You don't have a website with Its time for you to register and benefits from all our professional services.


If you do not have a professional page on Facebook


It's not too late to join the movement.  Here's how to create your page :
  1. Go to to see the page creation form;
  2. Click on "Cause or Community" (this is the only application classification);
  3. Enter your name and the name of your agency on "Cause or Community name" Ex: Michel Bettez, Real Estate Broker;
  4. Check the box "I accept the conditions" and click on "Start";
  5. Follow each step as indicated by Facebook.
  6. When you have personalized your page, follow the procedure described below in this message to add your listings on your page.

Procedure to follow if you already have a professional page on Facebook :

Your navigator will open the following window:
It is possible that they ask you to identify yourself, which you must do before proceeding.  If you have a box with a red message, you most likely do not have a professional page.
  1. Click on "Choose Facebook Pages" and choose your professional page.
  2. Click on "Add Page Tabb" to confirm adding to your page.
If all goes well, you should see the following form :
You then just need to fill the form to complete the activation of the application.  We will process your request no later than 2 working days.